2019 Caring Company

The Caring Company Partnership Expo 2019 was successfully held in May. A total of 3,876 companies and organisations were awarded the Caring Company logos in 2018/19. Over 1,150 awardees of companies and organisations have been awarded for more than 10 consecutive years, “Apple Storage”was glad to be one of them.

On that day, we had met various charity organizations, it’s a good opportunity to let us communicate to different parties. Please click the photos as below:

Sharing in Service & Courtesy Award 2019 briefing

Thank you for HKRMA inviting Apple Storage to participate in the sharing session of Service & Courtesy Award 2019 briefing. It gave us an opportunity to share Apple Storage’s vision to audience and we will keep providing high quality service to the public. “To win your heart, we serve with heart”


Apple Storage Outstanding Employee Award 2018

Apple Storage Outstanding Employee Award 2018 will be started soon. We sincerely thank all our team member’s effort keeping provide high quality service to public. Everyone is a key gear to us. Through the election, it is a platform for us to appreciate each other and continue to promote our vision: “Hard work, love, innovation” & “improvement”.

Now, we invite you to participate in the event and to give your support and recognition to our customer service representative by filling a questionnaire as below.

Submission Deadline: 30/01/2019


2018 Team Building

2018 Team Building was held at Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp.

The activities prepared this year are different from those of the past. Under the guidance of the consultants, the colleagues are very committed, constantly trying, communicating and adjusting to complete each task. Each activity is like a mirror, reflecting the fact that everyone is working. Everyone needs communication, division of labor, adjustment and cooperation to have good results. I hope everyone enjoys this experience. Looking forward to the challenge of the next year!


2017 Team Building

2017 Team Building was held at Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp.This year, all the activities seems simple, but was full of communication, confidence and cooperation. Strategies, methods and creative were also needed. The most memorable activities must be the car race, from dress up, the race car to the bridge works, were fully demonstrate the results of cooperation and creativity.