2016 Team Building

Team Building is coming again. On that day, our colleagues are extremely surprised and excited to arrive at venues to challenge lots of unexpected adventures.

This year, it is really innovative to have our team building held at the crowded central business district. In the beginning, we are still worried about our colleagues cannot relax themselves in the bustling city. Fortunately, all of us have participated the adventures positively during the process.

A series of indoor activities are undertaken as warm up. Finally, the highlighted outdoor activities are being carried out. All our colleagues seriously armed with helmets and safety belts without delay to challenge those high aerial activities. We depend on our physical ability to challenge adventures at different levels. It seems that long legs group is dominant; however, slim group can also exert their body flexibility.

When you are at the stage, we will act as your cheering team. Let us give you courage. This makes us deeply experience the importance of team work, mutual spirit, collaboration and love within “Apple Storage” big family. When the difficulties have been overcome continuously, we finally achieve our goals with pride and glory. This joy and happiness cannot be described with words and created unforgettable memories in our lifetime. Brothers and sisters, let us challenge more adventures next year!