Interview by Channel U – Apple Storage

On 29th May 2015, [Apple Storage] is invited by Channel U, 2nd Chinese TV channel in Singapore, to interview for the TV program “Singaporean lives in HK”. In this program, they introduce the four basic necessities of life in Hong Kong: Clothing, Food, Living, and Transport. They also find out the relationship between HK living enivoirment and mini storage market, types of the user, stored items and the payment. We hope the audiences to know more about the mini storage market and [Apple Storage] through this program.


Interview by Now TV – Apple Storage

Previously, Apple Storage is invited by Now TV to interview about the demand for the mini storage at Lunar New Year Festival. The interview showed on 16 Feb 2015. In the interview, the audiences can know about the development trend of mini storage in Hong Kong.


Interview by HKET – Apple Storage

Recently, the saleable area of new buildings are small and the storage space is limited, so the demand for the mini storage is boosting. Through this interview, you may understand more about the mini storage industry in Hong Kong.

Apple Storage – The media interviews

In order to satisfy the needs of different customers, we strive to innovate and add more facilities and services for the customers to experience our core value . Apple Storage is interviewed by the media to introduce our service and core value. Let’s us to know more about that:

Sing Tao Daily – Professional Detailing Center:

Don’t afraid the challenge, Customer is first priority
Apple storage leads the trend of diversified storage services


New Spokesperson for Apple Storage – Patrick Dunn

We are delighted to have Mr. Patrick Dunn to be the spokesperson for Apple Storage and star in our TV commercial. Mr. Dunn’s professional and friendly image is a perfect match with that of Apple Storage. It is our common wish to highlight our corporate mission “Heart for Heart Services”. On the day of shooting, the filming crew arrived early for preparation. Once our star had changed into glamorous look, the shooting started. Camera!