Volunteer Activity – Throwing Darts with the Elderly

Apple Storage has always supported various types of charitable activities. This time, our volunteer team came to the Bliss District Elderly Community Centre and played “Lawn Darts” with different seniors. Through the activity, the elders were able to train their hands, brains, and eyesight, which is beneficial for their physical and mental health.


2022 Best Employee Election & Ceremony

To commend and affirm the outstanding performance of employees, 2022 Best Employee Election & Ceremony was held successfully at the ceremony venue. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of all colleagues in various positions and grateful for presenting the awards together.


Outstanding Employee Award 2022

Thanks to be our honor customer and support us at all. For the sustainable development of Apple Storage Group, it is great for our team to provide reliable efforts, spirit of enhancement and the professional service on serving you.


Charity Laisee Campaign 2022

All of us has participated in the charity Laisee campaign. Our giving is not only the laisee, but also our support and blessing to those in needed. 

Although this campaign has been completed, you might still give your support to Hong Kong Christian Service through joining their different events.

For more detail, please visit http://www.hkcs.org/  

“Charity Laisee Campaign” 2022

During the Lunar Chinese New Year (1 February to 4 March 2022), the “Charity Laisee Campaign” was organised by Hong Kong Christian Service. It is hoped that people from all walks of life will respond to the activity, and join hands with the Service members to help the needy by donating a laisee (or Chinese red packet) in support of the development of the Service. Apple Storage has participated in the charity activity for the several years to encourage donation of red packets at its branch stores. As we gather with our friends and relatives to have a happy time in the Chinese New Year for regards and greetings, we shall not forget to concern about the less privileged in our society. May we all donate a “laisee” for charity to bode well for a good start of the year! 



With our customer support and feedback, Apple Storage is confident to expand our diversified storage products in the past 15 years. Meanwhile, we are grateful to our teams for dedicating their efforts and the spirit of continuous improvement, which contribute to the perfect and professional Apple Storage’s products and service.

The election for the 2021 Outstanding Employee Award is now underway, we would like to invite you to participate in the event for giving your support and recognition to our customer service representative by filling in the questionnaire as below:


Heart to Heart Company 2017-2021- Certificate of Appreciation

Heart to Heart Project organised by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. It aims at giving public recognition of companies’ support for the promotion of youth volunteering and encouraging sponsorship of Heart to Heart Neighbourhood Teams by companies who wish to exhibit the spirit of corporate citizenship.

“Apple Storage” received Heart to Heart Company 2017-2021- Certificate of Appreciation.

For more detail, please visit 

2021 Caring Company

“Apple Storage” was awarded the“10 Consecutive Years Caring Company” certificate again.

Together with Hong Kong Christian Service, Apple Storage would like to implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and build a harmony and cohesive society in Hong Kong.