The year of 2020 was a difficult and challenging year for everyone. We sincerely thank all our teammate for their trust and dedication, also full of care and encouragement to face challenge together. 

The election for the 2020 Outstanding Employee Award is now underway, we would like to invite you to participate in the event for giving your support and recognition to our customer service representative by filling in the questionnaire as below:


“Charity Laisee Campaign” 2020

During the Lunar Chinese New Year (20 January to 20 February 2020), the “Charity Laisee Campaign” was organised by Hong Kong Christian Service. It is hoped that people from all walks of life will respond to the activity, and join hands with the Service members to help the needy by donating a laisee (or Chinese red packet) in support of the development of the Service.



In the event of Apple Storage has entered its 15th year, we sincerely thank you for our loyal customers’ confidence and hard-working team members’ effort to let us not only provide mini storage service in the past, but also become a total storage solution expert today.


Dumpling and Handicraft DIY Classes with the elderly

We had a great experience with elderly having yummy dumpling cooking class and Handicraft DIY classes in OCT 2019.  Why the dumpling & handicraft looks different? As they are all hand made with heart. 

2019 Caring Company

The Caring Company Partnership Expo 2019 was successfully held in May. A total of 3,876 companies and organisations were awarded the Caring Company logos in 2018/19. Over 1,150 awardees of companies and organisations have been awarded for more than 10 consecutive years, “Apple Storage”was glad to be one of them.

On that day, we had met various charity organizations, it’s a good opportunity to let us communicate to different parties. Please click the photos as below: