2018 Service & Courtesy Award

“Excelling oneself and thriving together” is the vision of Apple Storage. By participating in the 2018 Service & Courtesy Award, Apple Storage is committing to our promise of providing quality services for our customers.

Within the 500 participants from 97 renowned brands in Hong Kong, all our 4 participating colleagues are appointed as “Retail Ambassadors”, and 3 of them had achieved the title of “Excellent Service Stars”. Also, Apple Storage is very pleasant to be presented with the Gold Awards of both the Supervisory Level and the Junior Frontline Level in the “Specialty Stores Category” of the 2018 S&C Award.

The success of Apple Storage in the 2018 S&C Award are inarguable proofs to our service quality, which is well recognized by the different sectors in the society.

We would like to express our gratefulness to our participating colleagues and our event supporting team, as well as to our fellow colleagues in different positions in our company. Their commitments and devotions to our service quality is the key to forge the achievements of Apple Storage.

By keeping up our company culture of continuing advancement, Apple Storage will persist in providing quality services to our customers, aiming to bring about a better understanding by the general public and the enhancement in the overall service level of the mini storage industry.