“Camping for All” Volunteer Event 2011

Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power joined hands with various organizations including the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Regeneration Society to organize the two-day “Camping for All” on the Central Lawn, Victoria Park, Causeway Bay. Through having fun of “Camping for all”, people with and without disabilities could have a deeper understanding of each other, thus achieving the aim of integration. Apple Storage was happy to join the event as a volunteer. We worked well with people with and without disabilities. In the event, there were different stall games, shows and sharing sessions that aimed to promote the interaction of participants. Environmental-friendly and safe LED hydrogen sky lanterns designed for the Delivering Blessings through Electronic Sky Lanterns event were ready to launch on that evening. Nearly 200 residents wrote their blessings on those lanterns before they were launched to form twinkling lights in the sky.


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