The Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) 2014 Service & Courtesy Award (S&C Award)

The S&C Award is held by the HKRMA annually. Meanwhile, this award is regarded as the Oscar of retail industry. Most of the company and brand respect the S&C ward and participate in this competition eagerly.

Apple Storage is also one of participants. Everyone hope to boost the customer service and attitude through this competition. Apple Storage assigns two staffs to join this competition. In the process of training, beside the trainers, other colleagues from different departments are enthusiastic to provide the suggestion in order to inspire them to know more about the customer service and hope they have good performance. With the effort of colleagues, Kan Chow are able to obtain the 2nd running up of the S&C award (SME group). Now, we say the congratulations to him. It can bring the joyfulness for the company and we are proud of them. To look back the process of the training and competition, we can feel their bravery, patience and effort. In the competition, they not only obtain the award, but gain the precious experience as well.

Let’s us to review the wonderful segment on the ceremony. (11 November 2014)

Final Interview (23 October 2014)