The “Read more” Book Floating Scheme 2012

With the great success of last year, Apple Storage devoted again to provide unlimited support for the “Read More” Book Floating Scheme 2012. The scheme co-organized by Hong Kong Sharing, it aims at facilitating book sharing and circulation among community, and to promote the spirit of book crossing and fostering reading habits in the general public of Hong Kong. The scheme also seeks to motivate the practice of treasuring books, sharing personal experience and cherishing natural resources.

Book crossing originated in Europe during the 1960s and 1970s when book lovers started to leave labeled books with comments, the books left in the public places to be picked up by other readers. The spirit of book crossing copes with Apple Storage’s Company missions and visions. We hope our continuous dedication can become a showcase to demonstrate the enterprises to return our society with hearts and to develop brighter future. And hopefully this vision can become a common mission and the fundamental of business.

The promotion program established bookshelves and kiosk at the Megabox McDonald in Kowloon Bay. The association aims to distribute their message to the wider range of age in the society. It is our pleasure to continuous support of “Read More” book floating scheme. We reinforce this program by reserving storage units in Apple Storage for the large amount of valuable books. The scheme enhances the opportunities for the youth and the general public to read. It is very meaningful to us and we are seeking for more opportunities to support any kind of charity activities and schemes.

We are here to invite you to join the “Road More” activity. You can visit the specific stores of Pacific Coffee to take books home with scheme labeled from the specific bookshelves. As well we recommend you to become the seeds to put those books back and also share your lovely books with smile to the other followers.

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