Unlimited Support to the Official Launch of “Read More” Book Floating Scheme

The Read More book floating scheme co-organized by the Bauhinia Junior Chamber and the Hong Kong Sharing has been launched Officially. The scheme aims at facilitating the circulation of good books among readers, promoting the spirit of book crossing and fostering reading habits in the general public of Hong Kong. The scheme also seeks to cultivate the good practice of treasuring books, sharing, being eco-friendly and cherishing resources.

It is our pleasure to have joined the “Read More” book floating scheme. We have rendered full support to the Bauhinia Junior Chamber and the Hong Kong Sharing by reserving storage space in Apple Storage for the large amount of valuable books. The scheme enhances the opportunities for the youth and the general public to read. It is very meaningful to us and we would love to support activities and schemes of this kind in the future. Now, members of the public can visit specific stores of Pacific Coffee (the stores at Festival Walk, Citygate Outlets, Cityplaza, Stanley Village Road and Whampoa Garden and more stores coming in the near future) and take home books with the scheme’s label on special bookshelves. After reading, they will put those books back on their bookshelves for sharing with other readers.

What is BookCrossing?

BookCrossing originated in Europe during the 1960s and 1970s when book lovers started to leave books they finished reading with a label in public places to be picked up and read by others, who then did the same to share the books and their comments with more. This is indeed a meaning practice as it encourages reading and sharing. According to Kathy To, President of the Bauhinia Junior Chamber, organized BookCrossing has been popular in foreign countries for many years but so far none has been held in Hong Kong. This scheme aims to encourage reading among the general public through different means. Florence Hui, Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs, stated that the library lending rate in Hong Kong is as high as that in Singapore. She hoped that the scheme could further promote reading habit in Hong Kong. To show her support, she also donated approximately 100 books to the Scheme, including books about the history and culture of Hong Kong in the hope of cultivating a purer mind and calmer temperament in the younger generations.

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